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Microsoft is currently running a big discount on our Dynamics ERP software – up to 85% off – Five users for $3k. This is the one piece of software not available to Microsoft Partners for internal use unless you have a Dynamics ERP competency. If you are currently evaluating accounting software, or are struggling with QuickBooks, PeachTree or Deltek, now is the time to look at Microsoft Dynamics ERP. For more information on that promotion, visit the “Grow your Business” site. 

Step 1: Find how many seats you are eligible to receive
Go to the MPN site and click on your competency. Silver is the default.
If you are Gold Certified, you also need to click the word “gold”
Then scroll down to see a grid listing ALL ‘competency specific benefits with regard to MPN licenses’.
This is also a great section of the MPN site, if you take about 10-15 min to browse through the tabs shown in the screen shot below, it will list your software benefits for internal use
Step 2: Get access to your CRM Licenses
To get access, MPN partners have to sign up for the Cloud Essentials program:  www.microsoftcloudpartner.com  From this landing page, click “Enroll Now” shown here:
Once enrolled, sign up for a regular 30 day trial.
Then call customer service to have them activate you for a “MPN partner subscription”. 

Note: I understand that sometimes issues happen when customer service activates you as MPN partners. Please escalate issues to your local Microsoft CRM Online team if you are experiencing challenges. (Andrew Winters Andrew.winters@microsoft.com if the partner is in MidAtlantic or any of Dan Jones’ Direct Reports if outside MidAtlantic – your local Microsoft contact can look this up for you).
Step 3: Implement Microsoft CRM
Certified CRM Partners around the U.S. offer an accelerated program for MPN Partners looking to be self-sufficient on Microsoft CRM.  Innovative Solutions, for example, offers a CRM boot camp that condenses Microsoft’s six day boot camp into two days and then focuses the 3rd/4th days on building out an individually’ designed solution together.  If you want to implement it yourself, it is a good fit. 
Check out Microsoft Partner Business Systems (PBS) – a professional services solution, integrated with Microsoft products including CRM 2011, SharePoint, and Outlook that lowers the cost of implementation and training and differentiates your business in the Microsoft Partner Network. There is a free template you can download to start.

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Featured Microsoft Partners


Borek Business Solutions 
Office Location:  Bend, Oregon, United States
Type:  Reseller,VAR
Industry Focus:  Small and Mid-Sized Businesses needing Financial/ERP Software. Many healthcare firms, Non-profit, distribution and light manufacturing companies.

At Borek Business Solutions, we get it. We understand the needs of small & mid-sized businesses because we've been there: we're a midsize business with small company roots. We're experts in Microsoft Dynamics® GP, an integrated, adaptable, user-friendly ERP business management solution.



BCG Systems, Inc. 
Office Location:  Akron, Ohio, United States
Type:  VAR
Industry Focus:  Manufacturing, Distribution, Professional Services, Government, Healthcare

BCG Systems, Inc. is a well established Microsoft Partner. We workp with clients across Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, Western PA, Western Carolina’s, Alabama and Kentucky. BCG is founded on being a trusted advisor and providing complete integrated business solutions that apply sensible technology to eli



Jack Frost Design 
Office Location:  San Ramon, California, United States
Type:  ISV,Training Firm,VAR,Other
Industry Focus:  Jack Frost Design is all about business and not necessarily about a specific industry. After 40+ years in business JFD has touched corporations, medium size businesses and some small business entities. No matter what industry you are in delivering a successful business initiative requires a strong command of four key business skills:•Business Operations: a solid understanding of workflow process and ROI (return on investment).•Marketing: the ability to identify and reach a target market with an effectively motivating message.•Technology: the technical skills to harness the most effective technologies for business process automation.•Branding: the ability to encapsulate all of the above factors within a unified vision that resonates with the target customer and builds loyalty.Because it only takes weakness in one of these areas to undermine what would have otherwise been a successful enterprise, Jack Frost Design has taken the unusual step of including each of these areas of expertise in a single company. It a unique approach. It has been successful for 40+ years.

SharePoint Makes it Possible. JFD Makes it HappenAt JFD we have a solid understanding and respect for SharePoint. We pioneered using the technology for public facing websites and we are skilled at configuring it to reduce the possibility of uncontrolled over deployment. We use the product the same way that most of our clients do.We also let ROI be our guide in the development of workflow automation and we never build without a financial goal and a documented blueprint or project plan. JFD has been brought in to clean up other partner's failed projects. And as a company we are most proud of our work ethic.



Insite Software 
Office Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Type:  ISV
Industry Focus:  Enterprise eCommerce platform for .NET developers

Insite Software is a leading provider of B2B and B2C ecommerce platforms, serving more than 700 customers, design agencies and .NET development firms across the globe.



Blackcreek Technologies 
Office Location:  Stratford, ON, Canada
Type:  ISV,Systems Integrator,VAR
Industry Focus:  General - Applicable to All

Blackcreek Technologies is a dynamic company dedicated to providing integrated business technology solutions and improvements to our valued customers. We believe in our abilities. We provide exceptional service. We are a diverse group of dedicated professionals who specialize in providing complete and pro-active solutions for businesses.


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