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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


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KampData TaxEngine

The KampData TaxEngine™ is a .NET plug-in DLL that brings sales & use tax calculations and DynamicZip features to other COM or .NET applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics® GP.
Provided By: Kamp-Data, Inc.
Categories: Software Applications,Microsoft Dynamics GP,
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The KampData Tax Engine is a .NET DLL that works in conjunction with Dynamics and DynamicZip (Kamp-Data’s sales tax software). The tax engine provides a clean and simple API which allows you to enable the following features in other .NET or COM applications: Zip Addressing; Automatic Tax Schedule Selection; Tax Matrix Sales & Use Tax Calculation; Tax History Reporting. Our tax matrix allows you to base tax calculations including percent taxable not only on the FOB location, but also on inventory site, item class, customer class, sale/purchase and special option.

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